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Superpowered Services For Influencers

We manage white label agencies for influencers that make 7 figures a year & sell roll-ups for 8 figures.

  • Our dream team of top service providers works to boost your business

  • Your custom-branded agency sells those same services to your audience

  • You simply promote your agency, Legend Media manages the rest

  • Your hold co rolls up businesses that run without you & sell at 4x profits

  • Everybody wins bigger together with a revenue share

πŸ‘‹ Hey! Quick explainer of what's in it for you

Helping influencers grow from $1m to $10m & beyond

Not sure if this is right for you right now? Message or email me any time & get my honest advice (we're not for everyone - we accept less than 8% of the freelancers & agency owners on our wait list)

Get help scaling sellable businesses that run without you


 Launch πŸš€


Partner with the best in every business

Kinda like the Avengers, we're better together. I connect B2B & human transformation influencers with service providers for specialist skills to amplify your team & boost your business.

Let's get you connected πŸ‘‹

  • Portfolio of specialist agency service providers serving influencers

  • New partner agencies with special superpowers added all the time

  • Don't see a service you need? We'll recruit the best in that industry

A portfolio of superpowered partners

REMEMBER: You are who you're with & your network is your net worth


"Ignorance is killing your future. Every year you don't know how to make 10 million dollars costs you 10 million dollars."


How to get rich, stay richer & not burn out

10x the enterprise value of a personal brand biz in under 60 seconds

Own vs. earn isn't my bright idea. Watch Alex Hormozi explain his entire $100m portfolio playbook he's using with his hold co (be sure to rewind & watch the whole thing!). This is essentially the same playbook we'll run on your business. My superpower is learning from legends & copying what works best.

Keep it simple: do more of what works

There's a bunch of ways to monetize a personal brand business, but there's only one #1. Good news is, you don't have to try 'em all and learn the hard way – just copy what's working today for some of the smartest B2B influencers (who've already tried the rest).


Sahil Bloom

$8m/year agency investor playbook

With his background in investment banking, he wanted more than a $1m/year creator business selling courses.

His big idea was turning his biggest costs into profits. Now instead of paying $50k+ monthly to outsourced agencies, he attracts massive deal flow & benefits as a minority investor of an $8m/year portfolio.

Plus they're sellable businesses that run without him – now he just writes his newsletter for fun & reinvests all the profits into growth!

  • 8 agencies at $8m/year top line in only 11 months

  • His hold co minority invests in a portfolio of agencies

  • Turns his biggest costs into biggest profit centers

  • His agencies grow his media business

  • He attracts massive inbound deal flow

  • Portfolio of sellable businesses that run without him


Codie Sanchez

Agency portfolio with friends (& benefits)

Her background in finance, private equity helped her build a portfolio of 27 boring businesses. Now she's applying that proven playbook to her digital media business.

She's now a minority investor in a portfolio of digital agencies together with her business influencer buddies (Sahil Bloom, Sam Parr, Ali Abdaal, more).

  • Minority investor in a portfolio of digital media agencies

  • Her agencies grow her media business

  • She attracts deal flow & benefits as minority investor

  • Her business buddies invested in the same agencies

  • Video agency 

  • Design & product agency 

  • Design agency 

  • YouTube agency 

Get help growing your agency business



Here's how it works for influencers

Work with the best in every business

Get the expert help you need. We recruit & manage a dream team of top service providers to boost your business.

  • Get access to our entire agency partner portfolio 

  • Work with top service provider agencies

  • Agencies specializing in personal brand businesses

  • Legend Media manages all the subcontractor agencies

Attract insane deal flow to your own agency

Your trusted team becomes your own agency (called "white label" in the biz). You shout out the awesome results you're getting from your agency team & your audience will beg to buy the same services.

  • Your premium brand commands premium prices

  • Your audience wants to use the team you trust

Make 7 figures a year & sell roll-ups for 8 figures

Your agency sells a bundle of B2B services on a $10k-$25k monthly subscription (the unlimited agency model). We'll help you create a holding company that acquires, rolls up & sells off high leverage businesses & agencies in your industry.

  • Exclusivity increases demand- limited number of clients

  • 20 clients x $15k /month = $3m /year

  • At a 4x multiple that's a $14m asset to unlock capital for leveraged buyouts

  • Your hold co rolls up & sells off industry businesses


Here's how it works for agencies

Get unlimited perfect clients on autopilot

We pair your agency with influencers who need your specialist superpowers. Once they love your results, you'll subcontract through their agency to work your magic for their audience.

  • Your agency boosts the influencer's business

  • You subcontract through their agency

  • They attract clients from their audience

  • You do the work & make a % of the rev share

Do what you do best, we'll do everything else

You do you, Legend Media handles sales, project management, client experience, customer experience, back office, partner program & more.

Get business coaching to boost your business

To serve more clients better, we pair you with top business coaches in your niche to help you get more done with less work & keep more clients smiling.




Unlimited services for one flat rate







Here's how the unlimited agency business model works

Unlimited services, one task at time

It's simple – the client makes the to-do list, you work on the #1 priority task until they approve it, then you move on to #2. 

  • You align on their goals & get to work

  • Unlimited revisions until they love it

  • No more scope of work creep or unrealistic deadlines

Why a subscription & not project/ hourly fees?

So many reasons but the biggest is that recurring revenue maxes out the business's sellable value. It also attracts premium clients & repels no budget clients with unrealistic expectations, kills nickel & diming, etc.

Every service included, every project managed

Shared client dashboards (in Asana) let every stakeholder instantly see project status, update task priority, share files & messages all in one place.

  • Shared project management dashboard

  • Frustration-free communication & systems

  • Legend Media's project managers oversee everything

Partners to win bigger together

The Process


Phase 1 // pre-launch

We assemble your service provider dream team & manage internal projects to boost your business. You pay nothing, we simply keep a % of the sales increase.

  • We boost your existing business

  • Zero work, risk or cost for you

  • Strategy & Positioning

  • Direct Response Marketing

  • Product Portfolio & Value Ladder

  • Offer Creation & Sales Pages

  • Email, Social, Paid Ads, SEO, more

  • Brand Design & Marketing

phase 2 // Agency Launch

When you love the results you're getting from your agency team, the pilot launch accepts a limited number of exclusive clients. This should generate $2m/year gross revenue (20 clients x $10k/month average MRR).

  • You promote your agency

  • Legend Media manages everything

  • Sell the same services you use

  • Limited to 20 exclusive clients

  • Performance-based rev share


Phase 3 // Scale

Scale up & serve more clients when your agency has streamlined their processes & optimized their results. With 50 clients x $10k/month avg = $6m gross revenue. At this point you'll have a very comfy after-tax net income of $1m+ a year with zero work.

  • Team can handle more clients

  • Founding clients give testimonials

  • Offer new service packages

  • Optimize profits, retention, churn

  • Performance-based rev share

Phase 4 // Acquire

Your personal brand business attracts deal flow to your venture studio, which acquires, rolls up & sells off businesses in your niche. This is where the real money is made. You can be as involved as you want.

  • Turn attention into deal flow

  • Your venture studio invests

  • Roll up & sell off niche businesses

  • 10x your hold co's enterprise value


Everything to turn attention into sellable businesses

Are you a perfect match?

To ensure a premium experience for everyone involved, our Agency Launch program is by application only. We're looking for service providers, luminaries, brands & causes serving personal brand businesses in every industry.


Content Creators

Built an online audience who can relate to our world? Bloggers, YouTubers and influencers - we want you!


Online Educators & Experts

Spread the word through your informative courses. Add your affiliate link to your materials and grow with us!



When our products add value to yours, we all win bigger together.



Collab with us! We'll empower your audience & you'll make money having a blast together.



We'll work with you to entertain, empower & inspire your audience. 


Something Else

Get in touch! We'd love to discover new ways to serve our audience better.

Don’t quite fit the bill but believe you have something unique to offer? Give us a shout! 

Partners to win bigger together

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