If selling your business is winning the game, why not design a Built To Sell business from the beginning?

Before you start, win 🎖


"Acquisition.com is a $100m+ portfolio of alternative education e-learning businesses focused on teaching niche business owners how to make more money. It's on track to hit a billion dollar valuation."

ALEX HORMOZI, Acquisition.com $100m+ E-learning empire mogul

Built To Sell Blueprint isn't mine. Alex is proving it works to get past $1b. I'm just doing more of what already works in every niche 👇


Build a personal brand business investors beg to buy

Get max ROI with recurring revenue B2B digital businesses

I focus on B2B digital businesses because they are high ticket, 90%+ net margins & recurring revenue. I build them around influencers because more attention = more sales. My main acquisition channel is an influencer affiliate program because it's the only way to make millions with a $0 ad budget.

The SaaS-killer: max enterprise value without the expense

Smart money invests in SaaS (software) businesses because they sell for 5-10x annual revenue vs most SMB's that sell for 1-2x annual profit. Now imagine a biz model that sells for SaaS multiples without the 2 biggest costs (engineering & advertising) = SaaS Killer!! That's what this is.

  • Make $1m's selling how to (niche influencers teach trade craft skills)

  • Make $10m's selling how to make money (niche biz coaches teach business skills)

  • Make $100m's selling businesses (roll up & sell member businesses aka golden eggs)

  • Make $1b's selling the holding company (or keep the golden goose & sell the eggs)

Let's dominate your niche together

7 Levels of a Built To Sell digital business

overview – exit strategy

Build a Built To Sell Business investors beg to buy

Start with the end in mind. Create a hold co (holding company) that owns the intellectual property & assets separate from your main brand or personal brand so assets can be sold off without selling everything (aka sell the golden eggs, not the golden goose).

level 1 – attention

Grab attention with free content

Regularly publish reputation-building content on ONE main media channel: podcast, newsletter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. that promotes your lead magnet.

level 2 – lead magnet

Trade an irresistible offer for their email address

Own your audience through email or risk everything building your business on rented attention – if you get deplatformed you lose everything. My fave lead magnet is a free 7-30 day mini course that builds a relationship in their email inbox.

level 3 – B2C products

Give away info products better than everyone else's paid stuff

Give away your best stuff for free, turn lookers into superfans & build massive goodwill with your market. It's way easier to make big money selling expensive stuff to people with big expense accounts (businesses). Give away the how (information), sell the who (community accountability that supports true transformation).

level 4 – B2B products

Sell high priced, high value money-making skills to businesses

Businesses beg to trade $1,000s to get $100,000s. So help them get 10x more (money, results, etc.) with 10x less (time, cost, etc.) and you'll write your own paycheck


Your affiliate army sells for you 24/7

Your affiliate partners make a % of every sale that uses their special promo code. It's a no lose deal – partners get an instant new revenue stream & you get unlimited sales with a $0 ad budget.

level 6 – Promote your own agency

Turn your biggest expense (team) into biggest money maker

This is how you scale from $1m to $10m and beyond. Agency Launch is our program to turn your dream team of top service providers into a custom-branded agency that sells those same services to your audience. 

level 7 – buy & sell businesses

Hold co acquires, rolls up & sells off businesses

This is where the biggest Built To Sell gold is hiding, for a reason – you're jumping into the major leagues of business investing. Your venture studio attracts deal flow, acquires assets or whole businesses, rolls them up & sells them off to private equity for a multiple of their sellable value. Recurring revenue businesses typically sell for 5x annual profits.

level 8 – give back

Give back for max impact with your own foundation

Attention then impact. Now that money isn't everything, what's next? With Foundation Launch we'll help your non-profit foundation grow from idea to impact & beyond in only 6 months. The tax benefits are just a bonus.

Where are you stuck?

Here's what a Built To Sell digital business looks like 👇


A $100m digital business model built around an influencer's existing $100m physical product business

Includes new digital revenue streams:

  • Ultra profitable digital products have unlimited scale & over 90% margin

  • $0 marketing budget, $0 ad spend, $0 COGS & a micro team

  • Sponsor placement in the newsletter, community, courses, etc.

  • B2C digital products – premium community membership

  • B2B digital products – business courses, community, coaching, certification, job board

  • Affiliate product commissions earned through affiliate link clicks

  • Corporate consulting & agency services promoted by partners

  • Business coach certification program where top graduates become the coaching staff

  • Agency studio subcontracts business services to Pro members & makes a %

  • Venture studio attracts investing deal flow, rolls up & sells off businesses to PE

Want to turn your podcast into a $100m digital business like this? 👇

(BTW This is just an unofficial concept & has not launched 🚀... yet)

Let's build something great together

How It works

the perfect product

Sell transformation for everyone

A community-powered online academy sells the perfect product - transformation (not knowledge).

Knowledge is a one-time sale & worth almost nothing the minute after you have it.

Transformation is the ultimate business model. If coaching & accountability get results that more than pay for themselves, who would be crazy enough to ever stop? Exactly.

Our tiered model ascends members through coaching tailored for B2C, B2B & Teams/Corporate in the same academy.

  • It's niche trade craft school for B2C members with their fave influencers

  • It's niche MBA business school for Pro-level B2B business owner members with biz coaches

  • It's corporate training & done for you services with their fave influencers

  • It's instant new revenue streams & cross-promotion for featured influencers

  • It's the ultimate lead magnet & instant revenue streams for affiliate partners like niche influencers, brands, brick & mortars, etc.


The business behind the ultimate online academy for ______

Here's how everybody wins bigger together.

Influencers (YouTubers, podcasters, etc.) promote the academy to their audience (who want to learn how to be them) & make a % of sales using their promo code (affiliate marketing). Win.

B2C members (consumers, employees, etc.) level up their niche-focused trade craft skills with their fave influencer. More skilled employees make our business owner members more money. Win win.

Pro-level members (business owners) attract top talent, maximize profitability & multiply their business valuation. Win.

Business & brand partners (brick & mortars, physical products, etc.) promote the academy to their buyers, get perfect leads & create instant new revenue streams with zero work. Win.

Rolling up & selling off more profitable businesses makes our hold co more money. Win.


Start with the end in mind

Sun Tzu won wars with it a few thousand years ago & smart winners still use it today. Here's our 4 level exit strategy:

  • Make $1m's selling trade craft skills

  • Make $10m's selling business skills

  • Make $100m's selling businesses

  • Make $1b's selling the hold co

We coach the Pro-level business owners towards recurring revenue business models for max sellable value.

Our buying power means we can negotiate deals our members can't get on their own, cutting costs & maxing profits.

When Pro members are ready to sell their businesses, we give 'em a "no sweat exit" - we buy it risk-free! (We've already done the due diligence because we've been coaching them)

Our holding company rolls up say 10 a year, sells them off, keeps a % and gives the owners a %. Win win.

Now our holding company is worth $1b's in every niche we dominate.

(If it's working for Alex Hormozi, why can't it work for us?)

Everything for total niche domination

Because sometimes more is more

Switch plans anytime. After we get your internet business cranked up, our rev share keeps us incentivized to max out your profits plus get ongoing deal flow, opportunities & partnerships that pay for itself.

  • Start with a consult to design a guided path to success

  • Build with Unlimited where we do it all for one flat rate

  • Maintain with Essential & we'll keep everything optimized

  • Win bigger together



Get 4 hours of personalized 1 on 1 attention with our team of experts to create an action plan for success



Get help turning dreams into reality

Quick start your path to success

DIY or done right? You choose

Guided expert advice & strategy

Personalized 1 on 1 consultation

VIP intros to our portfolio of partners

Half day consultation up to 4 hours

Use the time whenever you want

Video calls for maximum flexibility

Non-profit discount up to 40%

Unlimited done for you services

Ongoing optimization & operations

Ongoing Built To Sell biz coaching


everything to build

Unlimited services with my entire team's specialist superpowers to design, build & scale

$1m $10k+

per month

Plus rev share deals to win bigger together

pause or change plans any time

Unlimited services to build & scale

New ROI opportunities pay for itself

Specialist skills to amplify your team

Entire team for less than one FTE

All our expertise for one fixed rate

Unlimited done for you services

1 service request at a time

Add SpeedPlus for even faster results

Unlimited tasks, tweaks & tests

Prioritize & knock out your to do list

Project management dashboard

See task priority & status at a glance

Message or call when you need us

Pause or change plans any time

Price For Life Promise

Non-profit discount up to 40%


everything to maintain

We're continuously working to maintain & optimize the solution we've built for you


per month

Plus rev share deals to win bigger together

pause or change plans any time

Ongoing services to stay optimized

Optimization pays for itself

We optimize & maintain for you

All essential services for one flat rate

KPI metrics monitoring & testing

Message or call when you need us

Add SpeedPlus for even faster results

Pause or change plans any time

Price For Life Promise

Non-profit discount up to 40%

Unlimited done for you services

The typical rev share deal looks like this: You pay the discounted startup investment & we design, build & launch your internet business. Revenue we generate gets split 70% Legend Media / 30% You until fully recouped, then the split flips 70% You/ 30% Legend Media ongoing so we keep optimizing profitability while you keep doing you.

Let's make something great together

Email me & let's explore how I can help. Include a message with your website, main channel URL, #1 biz goal, #1 biz challenge, dream buyer, dream partners, how you heard about us, promo code, and anything else that helps us skip the fluff and get right to the good stuff.

FINELY CRAFTED IN Music city usa

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Meet your newest power partners

Kinda like the Avengers, we're better together. I connect B2B & human transformation influencers, brands, agencies & causes for authentic collabs to transform audiences, sell digital products & maximize give back impact.

Let's get you connected 👋

  • Influencer & affiliate programs for brands

  • Business influencers with high ticket B2B digital products

  • Personal development influencers with B2C & B2B digital products

  • Brands & causes in the human transformation niche

  • Brand sponsors across all your media channels

  • Launch List of influencers launching books & products now

  • Portfolio of specialist agency service providers serving influencers


Collab with new business buddy power partners

REMEMBER: You are who you're with & your network is your net worth



Everything to amplify attention, influence & impact

reputation & personal branding for professionals

Helping power players look great on Google & beyond

Today, first impressions are made online. Look your best when someone Google's your name with your own Showcase Site – it's the ultimate online resume to showcase your expertise, successes & stories.

Impress everywhere with a complete personal branding package – custom logos, graphics, fonts & colors plus designs for business cards, letterhead, seal stamp, coin & more.

Be unforgettable with your own custom Legend Coin – give them away as an attention-grabbing gift they'll remember forever.

  • Boost your reputation & brand to get the professional edge

  • Impress on Google, social, media, print & in person 

  • Reputation management & personal branding services

  • Your own website, logo, blog post stories, email & more

  • Be unforgettable with custom coin, cards, letterhead & more

  • Add social media marketing, showcase videos & more

  • Get access to the same marketing team top influencers trust

  • VIP introductions to our Alliance partners

  • Much more

Impress everywhere – what's more influence worth to you?

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