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Got digital e-learning products like courses, memberships, coaching, etc. but are too busy to maximize sales & profits? That's what I do best.

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Kinda like the Avengers, we're better together. I connect human transformation influencers for fun collabs to grow audiences & sell more digital products (especially high-ticket B2B) with rev share deals. You promote awesome stuff, I do all the work & we split the $ - WIN WIN WIN.

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I always knew I should be doing more to sell my courses. Now sales keep going up without me doing the work! AWESOME

Dave S.

Entrepreneur Coach


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I've spent over 2,143 hours breaking down top influencers' monetization strategies for building 7+ figure personal brand businesses so you don't have to. It's all in my Expert Empire Mega List – grab it & start building your empire today. (btw it's totally free, no "put in your email" or anything)

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How I help

digital product sales

Sell more stuff

Stop guessing and start selling. How? Ask your audience (with a poll). Then presell it (like kickstarter) and get early access members to help design something awesome.

Expand your product portfolio with the right product for every price point – low, mid, high – in both B2C (regular people) and B2B (business) markets.

Don't miss out on B2B! It's 10x profits with 10x less work when buyers can just put it on the company card.

Magnetic product portfolio

Proven sales strategies

Create irresistible offers

Automatic upsells

Automated sales funnels

Sales pages that convert

Perfect pricing

Checkout with order bumps

Words that sell

Direct response copywriting

partner marketing

Sell to more buyers

Your network is your net worth. Who's out there promoting your products while you're taking a day (or a month) off? I call 'em your Power Partners. Stop missing out on your biggest sales superpower.

Affiliate marketing

Create an affiliate army to promote your products

Ambassador programs

Referral programs

Loyalty & VIP programs

Increase repeat buyers

Increase recurring revenue 


Sell more often

I build landing pages, forms and email sequences that convert your visitors into paying customers. It's your automated sales team that never sleeps.

You may be thinking "I've already got an amazing homepage. Why do I need your landing pages?"

TRUST. People only buy when they trust it will solve their pain. Hyper-focused landing pages use carefully crafted words that build trust with buyers - something your "catch-all" home page can't do.

Irresistible offers

Words that sell

Landing pages that convert

A/B testing for best results

Consistent emails

Nurture lookers into buyers

Email segments & tags

Buyer list optimization

Everything to monetize your message

who I help

Thought Leaders

Sell your expertise & experience


Give your tribe more of what they really want – YOU!


Give exclusive access to paying superfans & supporters


YouTubers & Podcasters

Turn subscribers into buyers


Turn your $20 book into a $200 B2C or $2,000 B2B online course


Scale your superpowers & stop trading time for money

Start owning your audience

“I'm loving this! Daniel puts great collabs together. I meet other experts & sales go up without the headaches.”

Tony B.

Author & Finance Influencer

Some stuff I've done

Hi, I'm Daniel Bennett.

My mission is creating the next greatest generation.

How? By teaching them what they should know from the legends they already trust.

Influencers are experts in grabbing attention but often struggle building a highly profitable & scalable digital product business.

So I created Legend Media to help experts & influencers scale their superpowers and monetize their message.

We're better together – keep doing what you do best and leave expanding your online education business to us.


Founder, Legend Media ★
Email me or @thedanielbennett

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