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I design brands, Built To Sell (BTS) internet businesses & get deals done that max out attention, influence & impact to create the next greatest generation πŸŽ–


Attention β†’ Influence β†’ Impact

What is transforming your relevance, audience, bank account & legacy worth to you?

Turn decades into days – work less, make more $ now & sell for more $ later with proven Built To Sell digital business blueprints, Legend Talent agency, partner programs, joint ventures, memberships, custom software, hold co & more. We do all the work + you promote it = win bigger together.

Monetize your message

Presuasive Prestige marketing makes professionals look like a million bucks online in only 10 minutes. A stunning first impression on Google & beyond gets better deals done faster. Personal branding & online reputation services to look like a thought leader without ever logging in

Be unforgettable

When it's time to give back, get everything to launch your family office foundation's impact & legacy with only 6 hours of your valuable time. Grow with unlimited flat rate marketing so everyone will know exactly what you're all about.

Be legendary

Let's make it great together πŸŽ–


"I'm blown away by how Daniel took my small time idea & designed a step by step plan for total niche domination!"

Jason Reed Award-winning 7th degree black belt & Expert Empire Partner


Alliance ⚑️

We're Winning Bigger Together

Influencer & partner programs

Meet your newest power partners

Somebody else already has everything you want, we just have to ask – I make getting deals done effortless.

Connect, collab & win bigger with other B2B & human transformation influencers, brands, agencies & causes just like you (and sell more digital products too).

Search the Legend List & email me for an intro or subscribe to the newsletter for πŸ’Ž concepts & connections delivered straight in your inbox.

  • Influencers

  • Affiliates

  • Brands

  • Agencies

  • Causes

  • More

Because who you know is everything


All Access Pass πŸ†

Bringing awesome business coaching to all

With CEO School πŸ₯‡ All Access Pass you get a complete guided DIY marketing & sales strategy done in under an hour (your CEO Cheat Sheet), unlimited CEO Coach AI-enhanced business coaching & extras from expert Legends in one premium membership. Level up with your favorite luminaries as they reveal everything that works (& what doesn't) for supercharging your existing business from $100k to $1m profit & beyond.

  • OMG Guarantee*


  • DIY Guided Business Strategery

  • AI Coaching With Luminaries

  • Much More

* OMG Guarantee = mind-blowing knowledge bombs πŸ’₯ that make you go execute NOW in your business!


Totally transform your business in under an hour


Sell more to your best buyers

FYI it's 6x cheaper than chasing new buyers

Work less & make more with remarketing & sales strategies to sell more (& more expensive) stuff to your best buyers more often.

Start with CEO School πŸ₯‡ for strategy, Kickstart πŸš€ sales with 52 weeks of emails that sell then go Unlimited ⚑️ for even more

Our influencer program supercharges sales for business owners by featuring licensed content from their industry's top influencers in their remarketing emails. They also get instant new revenue streams with access to sell influencers' premium physical & digital products as affiliate partners.

As a Legend Ventures AI-enhanced startup, a % of every unboring $ benefits Legend Foundation – changing the world with water 🌊.

Kickstart with 52 weeks of unboring emails that sell

  • Pays For Itself From Day 1 Or It's Free – No Joke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Get An Entire Year Of Emails That Sell in Under 1 Hour

  • Viral Content From Popular Influencers In Your Industry

  • New High Margin Revenue Streams With Zero Work

  • Retention & Win Back Tactics – VIP community & tiered memberships 

  • Supercharge Sales With Zero Risk – Annual Performance Pay Plan

  • More Profits Make You More $ Now & Sell For More $ Later 

  • Unlimited Plan available for unlimited flat rate marketing services that sell

  • Benefits Legend Foundation – changing the world with water 🌊

Make email make great $ again


Custom software with legends

Home of the 100x AI-enhanced side hustle 🌊

Our startup studio is basically a maker space for AI-enhanced 100x digital founders, except everything we make prints max MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

For our influencer partners (we call 'em legends) – your audience upvotes their fave startup idea, they help us build it, you use it & promote it & we all split the $MRR = win win win.

Everything benefits the Legend Foundation – changing the world with water 🌊 – join us.

custom co-branded software startup studio

  • Print max MRR selling your own software vs. one and done sales like sponsors, brand deals & T-shirts

  • Now every influencer can sell the holy grail of products – software

  • You use & authentically promote your custom software – that's it!

  • The dev team of top talent comes from your own audience

  • We do all the work, you get paid out monthly as a partner

  • Make more $ now & sell for more $ later with a Built To Sell business

  • Built To Sell – recurring revenue software can sell at 10x+ revenue

  • Legend Foundation is changing the world with water 🌊 – join us

some of our max $mrr money machines

Forget sponsors – sell the same software you actually use 



Experience Extraordinary


Extraordinary access to extraordinary talent

Who you know is everything. Boost your brand & business with exclusive access to top influencers, creators and leaders across business, entertainment & culture.

One membership beats one-offs– now your business can effortlessly engage talent for every need. Brand deals, keynotes, coaching, training, concerts, appearances & much more.

Isn't it time to experience extraordinary?

One membership gets access to them all

  • One membership beats one-off brand deals & engagements

  • Members get access to our entire roster of world-class talent

  • Instant influencer program for any business & brand

  • Everything from brand deals to VVIP experiences & beyond

  • Commercial, corporate & private engagements

  • Entertainment appearances & business experiences

  • Talent available to Private Reserve members only

Connect with legendary talent

Legend Experiences


Featuring Legend Lair – Nashville TN’s most exclusive private penthouse

Members only experiences featuring Legend Talent

Epic experiences hosted in our epic private penthouse

Want an ultra exclusive experience guaranteed to impress every guest? You just show up – your Experience Concierge handles the rest.

Perfect for every occasion – business & private events, VIP excursions, virtual & livestream experiences, social content, video shoots, house party celebrations & more.

Private Reserve members get access to our entire Legend Talent roster of luminaries to ensure your experience is unforgettable.

What is Private Reserve? Think of it like the most exclusive country club, but cool.

Legend Lair, Nashville TN's most exclusive downtown private penthouse, is conveniently located in the heart of the vibrant Gulch district. Featuring world-famous interior design, a priceless art collection & breathtaking panoramic urban views as far as the eye can see in every direction – it's an experience they'll never forget.

Venue & concierge experience design services reserved exclusively for Platinum level members, clients & partners as one of the priceless benefits of our Private Reserve membership.

Legendary happens here – join us.

For our Private Reserve members only

  • Exclusive experiences designed by your dedicated Experience Concierge

  • Experiences featuring Legend Talent luminaries

  • Corporate & private events, VIP excursions, more

  • House concerts with chart-topping music talent

  • House parties with sports & entertainment celebrities

  • Business getaways, masterminds & more with B2B influencers

  • Experiences hosted at Legend Lair – Nashville's most exclusive private penthouse

  • Available to Private Reserve members only

  • Memberships from $50k-$500k+/year

  • Minutes away from public & private airports

  • Minutes away from yacht & boat access

  • Benefits Legend Foundation

You've never experienced anything like this

I always knew I should be doing more to sell my stuff. Now sales keep going up without me doing the work! AWESOME

Dave S.

Entrepreneur Coach



Digital Business


For luminaries, influencers & creators

Work less, make more $ now & sell for more $ later

Selling for max money is winning the game of business. Problem is, most personal brand businesses are worthless because they find out the harsh reality too late – no one buys face-based businesses.

I'll help you turn decades into days & build a personal brand empire investors beg to buy. We'll explore proven digital business blueprints for max leverage, profits & sellability to design your dream business (& skip most of the nightmares).


  • Publish valuable free content consistently

  • Trade a free irresistible offer for their email

  • Give B2C digital products free for goodwill

  • Sell B2B products that make 10 to 100x ROI

  • Explode sales with affiliate & promo partners

  • Your custom software prints max recurring revenue

  • Your hold co rolls up & sells niche businesses

  • Your foundation gives back for max impact

Where are you stuck? Let's fix that asap

WARNING!!: Don't wait until it's too late to design a Built To Sell business. The biggest trees have the strongest roots.


"Books are a great business card but a terrible business. I make millions a year selling coins & courses based on my books."

Ryan Holiday, NY Times Author & Entrepreneur,


Limited Edition motivational merch proven to achieve 33% more

Studies show a 33% boost in goal achievement with clear goals & a daily reminder to make every moment matter.

Motivational medallions, merch & more for human transformation

These Custom Shop craftmade coins & motivational merch are the ultimate daily reminders of your brand & ethos.

This is one Legend Media's "house brand" entry-level products to kick start human transformation influencer & brand partner collabs. The limited edition merch presale to your audience more than pays for Legend Media's team to build out your digital business so it's a win before we start.

Everything benefits your charity of choice doing real work to transform real lives today.

  • Merch presale makes you $ & more than pays to build your digital biz

  • Perfect for luminaries, authors, podcasters, creators, YouTubers & more

  • The ultimate daily reminder to keep your superfans engaged

  • Ultimate lead magnet to gather emails from your audience

  • Sell custom coins & motivational merch all about your ethos

  • Limited edition drops grab attention, boost scarcity & build FOMO

  • Coins can unlock exclusive digital experiences with memberships, community, courses, pay per view tickets & more inside your own app

  • We set up collabs with luminaries, brands & causes to boost sales

Make extra $ while we build your digital business


"I looks so beautiful I even impress myself! I consider this one of the best invesments I've ever made in my professional career. I can't recommend Daniel & the Legend Media team highly enough."

Mihir J. Desai Specialist surgeon,



Unlock the power of presuasion

personal branding for power player professionals

Amplify influence to get deals done before you even introduce yourself

Today, your online reputation is the new luxury designer business suit. Look like a million bucks online in only 10 minutes (& only 1% the investment).

Make a stunning first impression when someone Google's your name with your own Showcase Site – it's the ultimate online resume to showcase your expertise, successes & stories. Upgrade to turn those stories into captivating blog posts & videos.

Impress everywhere with a complete Prestige personal branding package – custom logos, graphics, fonts & colors plus designs for business cards, letterhead, seal stamp, coin & more.

Be unforgettable with your own custom Legend Coin – give an attention-grabbing gift they'll remember forever.


  • Perception is reality – go from zero to hero in only 10 minutes

  • Stop getting ignored, passed over & left out of opportunities

  • Presuasion gets you more – including the unfair advantage

  • Reputation & personal branding services for max influence

  • Impress everywhere – on Google, socials, print & in person 

  • Your own website, logo, blog post stories, email & more

  • Be unforgettable with custom coin, cards, letterhead & more

  • Add social media marketing, showcase videos & more

  • Get access to the same marketing team top influencers trust

  • VIP introductions to our Alliance partners

  • Much more

  • Attract attention

  • Increase influence

  • Impress prospects

  • More sales

  • Faster deals

  • Better career

  • Impact & legacy

Very limited – we only accept 2 new VIP members a month


"Working with Legend Media feels refreshingly different. The patient stories build trust, which as a doctor is everything. Plus I doubled my online reviews and now people can actually find my website when they search for it!"

Paul Gray, MD Specialist surgeon,


Launch πŸš€

Everything to launch your family office foundation

unlimited marketing for foundations

From idea to impact & beyond in only 6 months & under 6 figures

When it's time to give back, get your message & mission amplified everywhere. Unlimited services for one flat rate from the marketing team top influencers trust.

We launch, grow & maintain your family office foundation's marketing so you're free to focus on making a real difference to real people.

Everyone will know exactly what you're all about.

  • Launch your foundation in only 6 months

  • Takes only 6 hours of your valuable time

  • Unlimited marketing for under 6 figures

  • Chief Marketing Officer + entire team for 2x less than one FTE

  • Digital, print, PR, media, reputation, partners & more

  • VIP introductions to our Alliance partners

  • Portfolio of trusted partners serving foundations

  • Worry-Free Guarantee – love it or we work until you do

  • Up to 40% non-profit discount included

  • Much more

Very limited – we only launch 2 new VIP members a month


"We kept putting off starting the foundation because it was just so overwhelming. Daniel & his team took care of everything and really helped us kick start our legacy."

Judy Liff Barker, Visionary & Philanthropist,

β€œI'm loving this! Daniel puts great collabs together. I meet other experts & I'm selling more with less headaches.”

Tony B.

Author, Finance Influencer, Expert Empire partner

Some of my digital business superpowersπŸ‘‡

  • Built To Sell Businesses - The ultimate internet business exit strategy

  • Perfect Products - Digital products, courses, memberships, communities & more

  • More Profits - 22 Profit Pillar formula for perfect products buyers beg to buy

  • More Premium - High end, ultra exclusive premium brand positioning

  • More Partners - Influencer afffiliates who sell your stuff (aka affiliate marketing)

  • More Attention - Marketing & copywriting that turns attention into action

  • More Influence - Presuasive Prestige marketing & personal branding

  • More Audience - Connect, collab, cross-promote & win bigger together

  • More Transformation - Community-enhanced B2B & B2C businesses

  • More Unboring - Innovation Learning Experience certified team members

  • More Impact - helping give back to create the next greatest generation πŸŽ–

Greatness is designed with the end in mind

WARNING: Don't wait until it's too late (messes are expensive to clean up)

Get 2,143+ hours of experience in under 60 seconds

I've spent over 2,143 hours breaking down top influencers' monetization strategies for building 8+ figure personal brand businesses so you don't have to. Grab it & start building your expert empire today (btw it's totally free, no "put in your email" or anything).

Steal (almost) all my best concepts & take massive messy action NOW

Unlock the 22 Profit Pillars of top personal brand businesses like these πŸ‘‡

Here's an example of a perfect partner πŸ‘‡


"I'm blown away by how Daniel took my small time idea & designed a step by step plan for total niche domination!"

Jason Reed, expert empire partner & Award-winning 7th degree black belt

Let's launch your expert empire together

More stuff I've done

Let's build something great together

Give me a shout

Email me & let's explore how I can help. Include a message with your website, main channel URL, #1 biz goal, #1 biz challenge, dream buyer, dream partners, how you heard about us, promo code, and anything else to skip the fluff and get right to the good stuff.

FINELY CRAFTED IN Music city usa

Email me any time


Founder, Legend Media β˜…
Email me or @thedanielbennett

Hi, I'm Daniel Bennett.

My mission is creating the next greatest generation.

How? By teaching them what they should know from the legends they already trust.

Influencers are experts in grabbing attention but often struggle building a highly profitable & scalable digital product business that is actually sellable (smart investors don't buy face-based businesses).

So I created Legend Media to help influencers scale their superpowers & monetize their message.

Like the Avengers, we're better together. Be legendary!

– Daniel



changing the world with water 🌊

Here's the deal – we're trying to be the MrBeast of water. Crazy?! of course – and we need all the help we can get

A % of every $ gives a swimming pool size of clean water to a thirsty soul who's never drank anything but brown

Why water? well... deep subject (haha dad joke alert). Because my fave things just keep flowing – water & digital businesses. And because we can all do a little more.

Cheers 🍻 & be water 🌊 (thanks Bruce)

– Daniel

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