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Who can I connect you with? If they're not already in my Legend List partner database, I'll go find 'em for you. I'll do all the work to put together affiliate rev share deals - you just promote your buddies' awesome stuff (always authentic, never cringy).



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"There's only 6 ways to more sell more stuff more often, and out of all of 'em affiliates is the most ROI because you've got other people constantly selling your stuff & you only pay after you make a sale."

ALEX HORMOZI, Entrepreneur & $100m+ E-learning empire mogul



👇 Here's 2 quick wins together

Let's collab! (called a joint venture, affiliate partner, rev share, etc. in marketing speak) I've created the simplest way to help your audience take action to transform their mind & their bank account (so they can buy more of your stuff).


Transform your audience from dreamers to doers

Just Start challenge is a free email sequence that transforms their mind to overcome limiting beliefs, take massive messy action & start stacking up micro wins in 3 minutes a day for 7 days.

If it makes sense, I can intro new affiliate partners that would be a great fit for your audience so you make money without selling your audience anything. WIN WIN WIN!

  • Just Start 7 day email challenge turns waiting into winning

  • Use this to help your audience take action

  • Can introduce your affiliate parters in the emails


Transform your audience from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur in only 45 minutes

Making that first $1 in your new business is magic! You transform wantrepreneur to entrepreneur & believe you can do more.

Sell Your Superpower course gives this transformation to your audience so they're able to buy more of your products. We can also introduce authentic affiliate partners as part of the course if it fits your brand.

This course is %100 FREE FOR FINISHERS & delivered on-demand through email. It can be tailored to include offers for your own promos, products, affiliates, etc. so you get several new ways to make money. WIN WIN WIN!

  • On-demand email course is 100% FREE for finishers!

  • Promo this to your non-buyer list segment so they can afford your products

  • Can be tailored to include your own promos, product offers, affiliates, etc.

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