Here's a small bit of the work I've done to boost other people's brands & businesses. Ready to boost yours?


"Working with Legend Media feels refreshingly different. The patient stories build trust, which as a doctor is everything. Plus I doubled my online reviews and now people can actually find my website when they search for it!"

Paul Gray, MD Specialist surgeon, drpaulgray.com


Weakness either kills you or becomes your superpower. Here's a few of mine.


  • Clarity

  • Focus

  • Resilience

  • Action

  • Creativity


  • Digital business strategy

  • B2B & B2C digital products

  • Communities & memberships

  • Sales pages + funnels

  • Copywriting that converts

  • Gamified & unboring e-learning


  • Sell more stuff more often

  • Built To Sell businesses

  • Partners + affiliates

  • Monetization strategy

  • Profit optimization

  • Recurring revenue

Here's an example of a perfect partner 👇


"I'm blown away by how Daniel took my small time idea & designed a step by step plan for total niche domination!"

Jason Reed, expert empire partner & Award-winning 7th degree black belt


An online academy that kicks !@#$

Here's a great example of a perfect niche-dominating partner.

Jason's an all around awesome guy & top judge at world Taekwondo black belt competitions. He wanted to start an online acadamy but didn't know what he didn't know.

I got his community blackbeltmindset.com launched in only 7 days(!) so he could announce it to 100s of dream members at the next competition.

I designed his digital business to scale up with an affiliate program that attracts dream buyers from all 200 of his Taekwondo franchises (that's about 400k perfect prospects!) plus business coaching, sponsors, influencer affiliates & many more Profit Pillars he'd never even dreamed of. (He actually still doesn't know what affiliate means BUT he doesn't have to. That's the whole point! I can't do a backflip dragon kick, so I'd say we're about even)

Oh and judging by his text he feels like he's getting a TOTALLY UNFAIR deal on the how-to-keep-making-more-money coaching... in the best way possible. 🤣

Scroll around & check it out 👇

Everything you see was me. Website, logo, graphics, branding, colors, words, copywriting, concepts, sales tactics, pricing, products, community design & buildout, phased roll out, alpha launch, member onboarding & engagement, partner program, etc. He spent about 3 hours total on calls to suggest tweaks and learn a thing or a ton about how to launch, run & grow a seriously transformational community.


Thanks to Daniel & the team, now my reputation truly does preceed me! From politicians to society impresarios, attention & influence gets me more of what I really want – lasting impact.

Judy Liff Barker, Visionary & Philanthropist, judyliffbarker.com

More stuff I've done

The journey is the destination – be on the Path. Here's a few of my niche e-learning & digital business projects on the path to discovering the Built To Sell and Total Niche Domination concepts that 100x a digital businesses' sellable value. Before you start, win 🎖


Success 2.0

IT'S TIME FOR MORE // Success 2.0: Redefine your new finish line in only 30 days. When money isn't everything, what's next? If you've lost your life spark, in only 30 days I'll help you discover & design a new life you love that gets you more by giving more. See you at the starting line! →



OVERCOME EVERYTHING // Unbreakable: The weekly 3 minute read that will change your life. Explore the art & science of human transformation with top luminaries. Get tips to win from within shared with millions of champions each week directly to your inbox. Subscribe →


Agency Launch 🚀 

Helping Agencies Go Unlimited To Work Less & Make More // Work less & make more with an unlimited agency. Get the proven blueprint to transform any service agency into a premium membership for lifetime clients, max mailbox money & super sellability. Get started →


Unboring Labs 💥

GET UNBORED 💥 // Build a new mystery project 👀 every week with the craziest 🧠 mad scientists, inventors, makers, coders, explorers, adventurers & creators on the planet 🌎. Join free or go premium for more →


The Cadre ⚔️

HEROES CREATING HEROES // Learn with legends to win from within at life & business. Mental fitness training is free forever & skill sessions are free for 7 days after they drop. Join now →



All Pro Academy

TURN PASSION INTO PROFIT // Top creators teach the business of going pro. Discover the art & science of turning craft into cash with the world's best professional creators. Live master classes with quick start Business Blueprints are 100% FREE plus pro community, career coaching, VIP experiences & more. Join now →


Black Belt Mindset

WIN EVERYTHING // Level up your mind, body & skills to win the day. Discover the secrets of elite performance on & off the mat together with master experts, coaches & champions. Join free for life or upgrade any time for training programs, personalized coaching & much more to rise above. Join now →


Beato School

Experience music with the best in the world // Where music comes alive for every music lover – expert lessons, exclusive experiences & backstage access to music legends and today's top pros. Join now →


Medal of Honor Academy

BE THE HERO // Everything to win from within taught by America's greatest legends. Discover the art & science of elite performance from top experts. Unlock the vault of virtual & live learning experiences to create the next greatest generation. Join now →

Millionaire Choice Academy

Money Mindset is a 7 day micro masterclass to redefine money and wealth and start your path to financial independence. Learn more →


Fieldcraft Academy

Join the "Netflix of badassery" & unlock the vault of virtual & live learning experiences. Qualify for advanced training & earn specialist badges. Level up your future, family & career. Join us →

Real World Writing

MILLION DOLLAR WRITING FOR THE REAL WORLD // Landing page for an online course with copywriting expert & business influencer Shaan Puri 


Team Dog Academy

ELITE DOG TRAINING with Former Navy SEAL & K9 trainer Mike Ritland // Everything to be their hero with 800+ hours of expert video lessons, group & personal coaching, discounts & much more. Try it free →


HARDCORE DAILY DISCIPLINE + MORE // Concept: Daily email newsletter + community + online courses + products for motivational influencer Jocko Willink


Fearvana Challenge

Transform fear into fuel with the Fearvana Epic Fear Challenge. Join now →

I always knew I should be doing more to sell my stuff. Now sales keep going up without me doing the work! AWESOME

Dave S.

Entrepreneur Coach

“I'm loving this! Daniel puts great collabs together. I meet other experts & I'm selling more with less headaches.”

Tony B.

Author, Finance Influencer, Expert Empire partner





Because sometimes more is more

Let's design & build your dream digital business together. After we get it cranked up, our rev share keeps us incentivized to keep your profits maxed out plus you get ongoing deal flow, opportunities & partnerships that more than pay for itself.

  • Start with a consult to design a guided path to success

  • Build with Unlimited where we do it all for one flat rate

  • Maintain with Essential & we'll keep everything optimized

  • Win bigger together



Get 4 hours of personalized 1 on 1 attention with me & my team of experts to design a Built To Sell biz

$10k $4k


Use the time any time

Get help turning dreams into reality

  • $4k discount on your first month of services makes the consult free

  • Design your dream digital business

  • Quick start your path to success

  • DIY or done right? You choose

  • Guided expert advice & strategy

  • Personalized 1 on 1 consultation

  • VIP intros to our portfolio of partners

  • Half day consultation up to 4 hours

  • Use the time whenever you want

  • Video calls for max flexibility

  • Call recordings, notes, cheat sheets, templates, resources & more

  • Non-profit discount up to 40%

  • Unlimited done for you services

  • Ongoing optimization & operations

  • Ongoing Built To Sell business coaching


everything to build

Unlimited services with my entire team's specialist superpowers to build & boost your digital business

$30k $10k+

per month

Plus rev share deals to win bigger together

Includes Worry-Free Guarantee

Unlimited services to build & boost

  • Build & Boost mode for your digital biz

  • Over 2x faster results than Essential plan

  • New ROI opportunities pay for itself

  • Everything to build your digital business

  • Specialist skills to amplify your team

  • CMO + entire team for less than one FTE

  • All our expertise for one fixed rate

  • Unlimited done for you services

  • 1 service request at a time

  • Add SpeedPlus for even faster results

  • Unlimited tasks, tweaks & tests

  • Prioritize & knock out your to do list

  • Project management dashboard

  • See task priority & status at a glance

  • Message or call when you need us

  • Pause or change plans any time

  • Price For Life Promise

  • Worry-Free Guarantee

  • Non-profit discount up to 40%


everything to maintain

We're continuously working to optimize your digital business so go up without the headaches

$15k $5k+

per month

Plus rev share deals to win bigger together

Includes Worry-Free Guarantee

Ongoing services to stay optimized

  • Cruise mode for your digital business

  • Sales optimization pays for itself

  • We optimize & maintain your digital biz

  • KPI metrics monitoring & testing

  • Flat rate for unlimited essential services

  • CMO + entire team for less than one FTE

  • Essential done for you services

  • 1 service request at a time

  • Add SpeedPlus for even faster results

  • Unlimited tasks, tweaks & tests

  • Prioritize & knock out your to do list

  • Project management dashboard

  • See task priority & status at a glance

  • Message or call when you need us

  • Pause or change plans any time

  • Price For Life Promise

  • Worry-Free Guarantee

  • Non-profit discount up to 40%

  • Over 2x slower results than Unlimited plan

A typical rev share deal looks something like this: You pay the discounted startup investment & we design, build & launch your internet business. Revenue we generate gets split 70% Legend Media / 30% You until fully recouped, then the split flips 70% You/ 30% Legend Media ongoing so we keep optimizing profitability while you keep doing you. Sound fair enough?

Let's make it great together 🎖

Give me a shout

Email me & let's explore how I can help. Include a message with your website, main channel URL, #1 biz goal, #1 biz challenge, dream buyer, dream partners, how you heard about us, promo code, and anything else to skip the fluff and get right to the good stuff.

FINELY CRAFTED IN Music city usa

Email me any time


Alliance ⚡️

We're Winning Bigger Together

Influencer & partner programs

Meet your newest power partners

Somebody else already has everything you want, we just have to ask – I make getting deals done effortless.

Connect, collab & win bigger with other B2B & human transformation influencers, brands, agencies & causes just like you (and sell more digital products too).

Search the Legend List & email me for an intro or subscribe to the newsletter for 💎 concepts & connections delivered straight in your inbox.

  • Influencers

  • Affiliates

  • Brands

  • Agencies

  • Causes

  • More

Because who you know is everything



Experience Extraordinary


Extraordinary access to extraordinary talent

Who you know is everything. Boost your brand & business with exclusive access to top influencers, creators and leaders across business, entertainment & culture.

One membership beats one-offs– now your business can effortlessly engage talent for every need. Brand deals, keynotes, coaching, training, concerts, appearances & much more.

Isn't it time to experience extraordinary?

One membership gets access to them all

  • One membership beats one-off brand deals & engagements

  • Members get access to our entire roster of world-class talent

  • Instant influencer program for any business & brand

  • Everything from brand deals to VVIP experiences & beyond

  • Commercial, corporate & private engagements

  • Entertainment appearances & business experiences

  • Talent available to Private Reserve members only

Connect with legendary talent

Legend Experiences


Featuring Legend Lounge – Nashville TN’s most exclusive private penthouse

Members only experiences featuring Legend Talent

Epic experiences hosted in our epic private penthouse

Want an ultra exclusive experience guaranteed to impress every guest? You just show up – your Experience Concierge handles the rest.

Perfect for every occasion – business & private events, VIP excursions, virtual & livestream experiences, social content, video shoots, house party celebrations & more.

Private Reserve members get access to our entire Legend Talent roster of luminaries to ensure your experience is unforgettable.

What is Private Reserve? Think of it like the most exclusive country club, but cool.

Legend Lounge, Nashville TN's most exclusive downtown private penthouse, is conveniently located in the heart of the vibrant Gulch district. Featuring world-famous interior design, a priceless art collection & breathtaking panoramic urban views as far as the eye can see in every direction – it's an experience they'll never forget.

Venue & concierge experience design services reserved exclusively for Platinum level members, clients & partners as one of the priceless benefits of our Private Reserve membership.

Legendary happens here – join us.

For our Private Reserve members only

  • Exclusive experiences designed by your dedicated Experience Concierge

  • Experiences featuring Legend Talent luminaries

  • Corporate & private events, VIP excursions, more

  • House concerts with chart-topping music talent

  • House parties with sports & entertainment celebrities

  • Business getaways, masterminds & more with B2B influencers

  • Hosted at Legend Lounge – Nashville's most exclusive private penthouse

  • Available to Private Reserve members only

  • Memberships from $50k-$500k+/year

  • Minutes away from public & private airports

  • Minutes away from yacht & boat access

  • Benefits Legend Foundation

You've never experienced anything like this

Attention → Influence → Impact

What is transforming your relevance, audience, bank account & legacy worth to you?

Turn decades into days – work less, make more $ now & sell for more $ later with proven Built To Sell digital business blueprints, Legend Talent agency, partner programs, joint ventures, memberships, custom software, hold co & more. We do all the work + you promote it = win bigger together.

Monetize your message

Presuasive Prestige marketing makes professionals look like a million bucks online in only 10 minutes. A stunning first impression on Google & beyond gets better deals done faster. Personal branding & online reputation services to look like a thought leader without ever logging in

Be unforgettable

When it's time to give back, get everything to launch your family office foundation's impact & legacy with only 6 hours of your valuable time. Grow with unlimited flat rate marketing so everyone will know exactly what you're all about.

Be legendary



changing the world with water 🌊

Here's the deal – we're trying to be the MrBeast of water. Crazy?! of course – and we need all the help we can get

A % of every $ gives a swimming pool size of clean water to a thirsty soul who's never drank anything but brown

Why water? well... deep subject (haha dad joke alert). Because my fave things just keep flowing – water & digital businesses. And because we can all do a little more.

Cheers 🍻 & be water 🌊 (thanks Bruce)

– Daniel

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