I help influencers build booming digital businesses in three ways.

  • Sell more stuff

  • To more buyers

  • More often

How will I help you?


"Ignorance is killing your future. Every year you don't know how to make a million dollars costs you a million dollars."

ALEX HORMOZI, $100m+ E-learning empire mogul

digital product sales

Sell more perfect products

Stop guessing & start selling more ultra-profitable & scalable digital products.

It's no secret what money models work best. Problem is you don't know what you don't know.

Together we'll design a BTS (Built To Sell) business blueprint that transforms your audience & your bank account.

  • Sell premium then scale down

  • Sell money-making info to businesses (B2B)

  • Sell entertainment to superfans (B2C)

  • Ask your audience with a poll

  • Presell it (like kickstarter)

  • Early access founders design exactly what they want

Want my Perfect Product Portfolio cheat sheet?

See at a glance which of the 21 Profit Pillars you're missing (customizable Notion template)

partner programs

Sell to more buyers

Your network is your net worth. Who's out there promoting your products while you're taking a day (or a month) off? I call 'em your Power Partners. Stop missing out on your biggest sales superpower.

Affiliate marketing

Create an affiliate army to promote your products

Ambassador programs

Referral programs

Loyalty & VIP programs

Increase repeat buyers

Increase recurring revenue 


Sell more often

I build landing pages, forms and email sequences that convert your visitors into buyers. It's your automated sales team that never sleeps.

You may be thinking "I've already got an amazing website. Why do I need your landing pages?"

The answer is one word – TRUST.

People only buy when they trust it will solve their pain.

Hyper-focused landing pages use carefully crafted words that build massive trust with buyers - something your "catch-all" home page could never do.

Irresistible offers

Words that sell

Landing pages that convert

A/B testing for best results

Consistent emails

Nurture lookers into buyers

Email segments & tags

Buyer list optimization

Everything to monetize your message

Here's an example of a perfect partner 👇


"I'm blown away by how Daniel took my small time idea & designed a step by step plan for total niche domination!"

Jason Reed, expert empire partner & Award-winning 7th degree black belt


An online academy that kicks !@#$

Here's a great example of a perfect niche-dominating partner.

Jason's an all around awesome guy & top judge at world Taekwondo black belt competitions. He wanted to start an online acadamy but didn't know what he didn't know.

I got his community launched in only 7 days(!) so he could announce it to 100s of dream members at the next competition.

I designed his digital business to scale up with an affiliate program that attracts dream buyers from all 200 of his Taekwondo franchises (that's about 400k perfect prospects!) plus business coaching, sponsors, influencer affiliates & many more Profit Pillars he'd never even dreamed of. (He actually still doesn't know what affiliate means BUT he doesn't have to. That's the whole point! I can't do a backflip dragon kick, so I'd say we're about even)

Oh and judging by his text he feels like he's getting a TOTALLY UNFAIR deal on the how-to-keep-making-more-money coaching... in the best way possible. 🤣

Scroll around & check it out 👇

Everything you see was me. Website, logo, graphics, branding, colors, words, copywriting, concepts, sales tactics, pricing, products, community design & buildout, phased roll out, alpha launch, member onboarding & engagement, partner program, etc. He spent about 3 hours total on calls to suggest tweaks and learn a thing or a ton about how to launch, run & grow a seriously transformational community.

Because sometimes more is more

Pick the perfect plan for you. After we get your internet business cranked up, our revenue share keeps us both making money & incentivized to max out profitability. Start with a consult to design a business investors beg to buy. Build with Unlimited & switch to Optimize for maintenance mode any time plus get ongoing coaching & services that pay for themselves.

Wait List

Apply for the wait list & i'll send opening alerts


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design a sellable biz

In under 4 hours we'll design a Built To Sell digital business with 22 profit pillar revenue streams & power partner connections tailored just for you. [MONEY LOVES SPEED]



Includes rev share to win bigger together

Design a Built To Sell digital business

Half day consultation up to 4 hours

Use the time whenever you want

Design a business investors beg to buy

DIY or done smart? You choose

Digital biz & monetization advice

Custom internet business blueprint

Digital products, courses & more

Unlimited done for you services

Ongoing optimization & operations

Ongoing Built To Sell biz coaching


we build your biz

Get my entire team's specialist superpowers that make millions for one Price For Life fixed rate (is it ok if I overdeliver 100x? Thought so)

$1m $10k+

per month

Includes rev share to win bigger together

pause or change plans any time

Unlimited services for one fixed rate

Make unlimited money with $ skills

Get million $ value, pay 100x less

Fractional Chief Profit Officer

Specialist skills to amplify your team

Built To Sell exit strategy advice

Unlimited done for you services

1 service request at a time

SpeedPlus - Upgrade for faster results

Unlimited tasks, tweaks & tests

Prioritize & knock out your to do list

Project management dashboard

See task priority & status at a glance

Message me any time

Calls when you need 'em

Pause or change plans any time

Price For Life Promise


we maintain your biz

We maintain your internet business while you max out profitability & sellability with money-making strategies & coaching


per month

Includes rev share to win bigger together

pause or change plans any time

Keep your business maxed out

We run & optimize your internet biz

Built To Sell business coaching

1 new money idea ROI's everything

FOCUS (we're both busy already)

Learn what's working across niches

Message me any time

Coaching calls when you need 'em

Business goal design & dashboard

Progress check-ins for accountability

Exclusive partner bonuses & access

Pause or change plans any time

Price For Life Promise

Unlimited done for you services

The typical rev share deal looks like this: You pay the discounted startup investment & we design, build & launch your internet business. Revenue we generate gets split 70% Legend Media / 30% You until fully recouped, then the split flips 70% You/ 30% Legend Media ongoing so we keep optimizing profitability while you keep doing you.

Build a business investors beg to buy

We'll start with a quick call & go from there. Email me & I'll send my calendar link. Include your website, main channel URL, #1 biz goal, #1 biz challenge, dream buyer, dream partners, etc. in the email & I'll pre-send your business blueprint video so we can jump right into the good stuff on the call.

Update: check the wait list & subscribe for openings

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