Broke To $200m: 3 Leadership Levels That Built A Business Empire – Bedros Keuilian

All right guys, got an unbelievable story for you today.

A $200 million business empire that almost died countless times. (I've found that pretty much every "overnight success" is a least a decade of grinding your face off).

Remember, this is the immigrant kid that when his bike got stolen his dad gave him a beating, a screwdriver and six words: "next time stab the biggest one." 😳

This is the teenage gangbanger arrested for breaking and entering who narrowly escaped years in prison because the little old lady didn't ID him in the police lineup.

He must have been born for more, I guess (just like you).

Fast forward to businessman Bedros running Fit Body Boot Camp (before it became the $200m worldwide franchise empire it is today) and half his employees QUITTING ON THE SAME DAY!

Yikes. That's what I call learning the hard way –with the scars to prove it.

Weakness either kills you or becomes your superpower.

During his transformation from a zero-to-hero leader, he simplified it down to the three levels of leadership. 

Level 1: Self-Leadership

The foundation of leadership is self-leadership. If you can’t lead yourself effectively, how the hell can you expect to lead others? It starts with living by the same expectations you have for others: waking up early, working out, and being punctual. When you embody these traits, you’ll gain the respect of those around you.

Level 2: Leading Others

Leading others involves having a clear vision and being decisive. If you’re an indecisive leader, your team will lose respect and might even leave you for a better opportunity. In order to lead others effectively, communicate clearly, empower them, identify their strength, and recognize your high performers.

Level 3: Building Leaders
The third level of leadership is empowering your leaders to build other leaders. When your leaders are able to effectively develop other leaders you’ll be surprised just how fast your company will grow.

Gotta say I agree with him. Who's gonna listen to you if you won't even listen to yourself?

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– Joe

P.S. – Today's action step = take 60 seconds, hit reply and tell me one weakness you want to improve and one tny step you will take before hitting the pillow tonight. Or else... BURPEES!!
I believe in you

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