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Give us only 2 hours & we'll turn your expertise & successes into stories that elevate your reputation & look great on Google

Your in-person reputation is admirable & you're proud of your achievements but...
You don't like what Google says about you
You're unknown & losing out on bigger opportunities
You want a shareable "ultimate online resume"
You want to control your online reputation
You want to showcase who you are & what you're about
You know you need a "personal brand" but not sure where to start

That's why we use your own words to define & polish your online reputation

“I'm speechless! My expectations were high but I never imagined my own stories could look this amazing.”

- Joe Barker, Developer

Nashville TN

Your Stories Polish Your Online Reputation

Here's a few benefits of our story-first approach clients prefer over other types of reputation management & personal brand marketing they've tried.

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Create Your Own Reputation - Not Google

First impressions are made online these days – don't leave something that important up to Google! Polishing your online reputation attracts bigger opportunities & gets better deals done faster.

You Talk, We Write & Publish

You talk, we listen & craft your guided interview into stories in your own words & voice. Then we publish them online & on the page of your own book to polish your reputation.

Write Your Own Stories With Our Prompts

Want to write your own stories in addition to the ones we craft for you? Banish the blank page forever with our emailed Story Starter prompts - you'll have a book worth of stories in no time!

Impress With The Ultimate Business Card

Books build brands & create instant authority. We turn your experience & success stories into the ultimate business card – an impressive book that takes only a few hours of your time.

How We Work

Our story-first process starts with Legend Project – a done-for-you interview-based story authoring service that helps author your best stories in hours (not years).


Story Session guided interview

We record a guided interview with you (or your clients) to bring out your best stories in under 2 hours.


We craft your best stories

Then we craft your words into a collection of compelling short stories that will impress, influence & inspire.


Publish online & on the page

We showcase your stories on your own Story Site website and, optionally, bound in a beautiful book.

Meet Legend Project 

Legend Project is a done-for-you interview based story authoring service for remarkable professionals to share their stories to boost reputation & influence—but don’t have the time, desire or expertise to do it themselves.

Professional Branding Package

We clarify core message, mission & vision & define what you want to be known for. Includes logos, fonts, colors, graphics & more.

Story Session Interview

We record a guided conversation that will get your experience & successes out of your head and into short stories in under 2 hours. Add more stories anytime with another Story Session or write your own with our emailed Story Starter prompts.

Professional Story Site Website

We share your stories & spotlight your services, bio, achievements, awards, photos & more. Search engine optimized so you look great on Google.

Professional Business Card Book

Turn your expertise & successes into a personal business card book carefully crafted to impress. Give to prospects, clients, partners & more. Order more copies anytime.

Share your stories to enhance your reputation, authority & look great on Google

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Storytelling is better together


“The success stories they got from my past patients solve my biggest challenge – creating trust with my next patients."

Dr. Paul Gray, MD FACS

Specialist Surgeon, Ft. Worth TX


“I'm speechless! My expectations were high but I never imagined my own stories could look this amazing.”

Joseph Barker

Developer, Nashville TN


“I've been wanting to write my book for years. But that's where it always ended. Until now!"

Judy Liff

Chairwoman & Philanthropist, Nashville TN

"Every other marketing attempt left me dissatisfied but working with Legend Media feels refreshingly different. They listen and pursue what’s best for my particular practice. Their emphasis on building relationship through story solves the biggest challenge for doctors – creating trust with patients. I love that I have a sustainable, ongoing plan that I trust. My patients love reading their stories, I doubled my online reviews in 24 hours and people can actually find my website when they search for it!"

Dr. Paul Gray, MD FACS

Specialist Surgeon, Ft. Worth TX

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Now his boosted reputation gets better deals done faster

Successful developer, philanthropist & award-winning photography Joseph N. Barker wanted to boost his reputation to build trust with his prospective business partners and get better deals done faster.

We helped him build his reputation as the "Icon In The Gulch", tying into his award-winning development project with the same name that revitalized the heart of Nashville TN.

During our Story Session interview we curated the best struggle-until-success stories, the near bankruptcy, the deals that crumbled at the last minute & finally the groundbreaking successes that he helped achieve.

Publishing those stories online pushed his own website to the top of Google when searching his name, so business partners & causes he supports can learn more about him. 

Google now lists his own website first when searching his name
He's curated and preserved his life lessons
The boosted reputation helps him get more deals done faster

You're only one story away

It's time to invest in yourself

If you’re ready to enhance your reputation & influence, let’s talk. We’ll discuss any questions and help you understand the best next steps.


10 Stories We Craft + Website + Unlimited Stories You Write


Then $179/mo service plan

Payment options available

Story Session Interview
Story Site Website
Up To 10 Stories We Craft
Unlimited Stories You Write
Standard Branding Package Including Logos
Website Maintenance, Security & More
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Upgrade anytime for additional crafted stories, book & more

Need to start smaller? Ask about our Starter plan.


20 Stories We Craft + Website + Unlimited Stories You Write + Book + Much More


Then $179/mo service plan

Payment options available

Standard plus:
Additional Story Sessions
Premium Story Site Website
Up to 20 Stories We Craft
Premium Color Hardcover Book + 5 Copies
Premium Branding Package Including Letterhead, Business Cards & More
Initial Online Reputation Polish

Do it yourself for a fraction of the investment with the Story System Blueprint

Where can I see some examples?

Explore the following Story Sites and read the stories we've crafted.

Remember that everything about your project is custom designed to your preferences and you get final approval. After all, it's your story!

How long does the Legend Project process take?

If you work at our speed, we are comfortable promising a completely finished and published Story Site within 4 weeks. But you can go slower, if you need to. Books take an additional 2-4 weeks.

Who designs the site & book? Do I get to give feedback on that?

Of course! Your site and book will be designed by world class designers, but you have full creative control to make any changes and can be as involved as you want to be.

You are getting the very best in design, because having great graphics is a key to establishing yourself as credible and professional.

Before we start the design process, you’ll have a long conversation with the Creative Director to understand your vision for the graphics (if you have any). We organize this information into a design brief and use it to create a series of initial designs, which you will review and give feedback on. Just like all parts of our process, you will have full, 100% approval.

magnetic marketing audit

Are you wasting marketing money?

Ever lose sleep wondering if you're overpaying for outsourced marketing? Introducing the Magnetic Marketing Audit - send us your website link & marketing invoices & we'll give an unbiased second opinion for a small flat fee

I'll get you more than your money's worth

How? I know what you don't...

HI! I'm Daniel, founder of Legend Media. All we do is storyfirst marketing, not "general marketing", so I'll give you unbiased advice to maximize sales & minimize expenses on outsourced marketing. Why? I hate hearing your horror stories about getting overpromised and underdelivered!


Let's share your story together

We start with a "getting to know you" phone call to go over details and make sure we're a good fit for each other. Find a time that works for you.

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Story Starters

Want to write your own stories yourself? Banish the blank page forever & do it the easy way with Story Starters! Get our free weekly email featuring curated questions that prompt the best stories about your life, family or business. 

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Family members write their stories one month at a time with our inspiring prompts, then share them via email, on a private family website & collected in a beautiful book.

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Story System Blueprint

Everything we do for our premium clients in a guided step by step online course. Start sharing your stories in under an hour for 1/10th the investment.

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Legend Project

The easiest way to tell your stories & impress online & on the page. Write your book in hours not years. Includes Story Site website + 10 crafted stories & more.

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