Power Partners

With partner (affiliate) marketing, your partners get paid to sell your products for you. Win win!

Who's promoting your products when you're not? Let's fix that.

Make more money with partner marketing

With a partner (aka affiliate, referral, ambassador) program, affiliates, influencers & customers sell your products for you with their special link or code.

They get rewarded for every successful sale or referral (after you get paid).

Basically, they're your own 24/7 sales team.

We launch, manage and grow your partner program for you


Here's what it could look like on your site 👇

There's many ways to spread the word. Featuring this on your site is about as simple as it gets & goes from there.

Share the ❤️, Make Money

Earn up to 50% on digital products

Earn up to 10% on physical products

Shareable 10% off discount code for friends

Automatically get paid via PayPal on the 1st of the month

Steps to success


Create partner program


Recruit Partners


Partners Promote You


You get paid


Pay/reward Partners


Partners promote your products

When your partners sell your products with their link, they get paid after you get paid. That means it's all reward without the risk.


Partners get rewarded

Partners who have made successful referrals & sales get rewarded every month. Choose from PayPal payouts, store discounts & custom gifts. Keep partners motivated with leaderboard competitions & more.

Metrics that matter


Scale up sales

82% of consumers would follow a recommendation by an influencer


Make more $

About 23% of online store revenue now comes from affiliate marketing


Get better ROI

89% of marketers get similar or better ROI from influencer marketing than other channels


Sell 5x easier

Businesses spend 5x less selling to their existing buyers than attracting new leads


5x more sales

Referral marketing drives 5x more sales than paid ads


5x more sales

Affiliate marketing drives 5x more sales than paid ads because they already know, like & trust you

Stats from smart people and reputable sources: 99firms, Authority Hacker, Mediakix, Wordstream

Selling is better with Power Partners


Best bang for no bucks

Unlike paying for ads, you don't pay for the attention you get. Your partners promote your products for free because they get paid for every sale they make. You get a 24/7 sales team without the headaches.


Zero risk, all reward

You never pay for marketing that doesn't make you money first. Since it's 100% performance based, your partners get paid their commission only after you've gotten paid. 


It costs you nothing

No more ads that don't convert. No more campaigns that fail. No more guessing. No more winging it. Nothing but results.


Never waste marketing money

No more ads that don't convert. No more campaigns that fail. No more guessing. No more winging it. Nothing but results.


Boost your reputation

It's kinda like being friends with the cool kids. Your partners are trusted by their audiences. When they recommend you, you look good by association.


Grow your audience

You're getting cross-promoted to every follower of every one of your partners. Pick partners you like & you'll get more fans who like you too.


Flexible commissions

You choose how much commission to give for each product you sell. Attract better partners by paying more on your higher margin products without losing profitability on lower margin ones.


Way higher ROI than ads

Because buyers already trust your partner, they're much more likely to buy what they recommend.

Here's some success stories. You're next.



How they made $1M+ in affiliate sales

Multi-million dollar women's fashion brand Cents of Style affiliate marketing program is booming, earning over $1M in revenue from affiliate sales, paying out $200K in commissions & increasing online sales 80%.

Implement tiered commission model to increase affiliate interest

Inspire trust with greater program transparency

Deliver “cut and paste” content via built-in affiliate newsletter

Track leaders and encourage them to reach the next tier level


How they achieved 56% of sales from affiliates

After redesigning their affiliate program, natural goods brand Redmond Life made $1.9M+ in affiliate sales and paid out $200k in commissions to their 670+ affiliates.

Track & analyze data to optimize results

Choose the right affiliate partners

Share best marketing practices with affiliates



Got more questions? Get in touch.

How long does it take to set up a partner program & what's the process like?

Good question. How about... "it depends" for a not-very-helpful answer ;).

Typically we can get you up and running in a couple days. 

We'll work with your team to define success and create the strategy to get us there.

Then we'll implement the right tools for the job (software that works with your online store, sales copywriting, etc.)

Next we'll help you identify and recruit your launch partners and create the marketing materials they'll use to promote it.

Finally, we'll test everything and when it's ready, launch the program and spread the word!

After that, we'll track the data to continuously optimize the results. We'll help your existing partners, scout out new partners and keep the sales machine running.

Once things run smooth, we'll talk as much (or as little) as you want. Every so often we'll send reports so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your partner program without having to drown in the details.

Looking forwad to getting started!

Let's do this. Together.

We start with a no-pressure call & go from there. Find a time that works for you.

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