Preserve Family Stories Forever

Easily connect every generation with monthly emailed stories & photos from your loved ones, securely saved in the cloud & bound in a beautiful keepsake book

Your family's favorite moments are priceless & you don't want them to slip away but...
Remembering everything forever is impossible
Staying connected gets harder as the family grows
You can't get the older generation to talk
You can't get the younger generation to listen
Your kids may never know why past generations matter
You never actually get around to writing it all down
You feel overwhelmed & not sure where to start
Family heritage is getting lost forever as time passes

That's why we help families connect & share their best memories

How It Works

Storytelling is better together! FamilyWorth makes it easy & fun for your whole family to share the memories that matter most. Preserve your timeless memories, stories and photos online & on the page.


Get Story Starter Emails

Family can subscribe to your family's group anytime. Twice a month, we email questions that bring out timeless family memories.


Reply With Story & Photos

To write their own story, members simply reply to the email with their story and photos. All subscribers recieve it in their inbox.


Read Online & On The Page

Read, like & comment on stories anytime on the private family website. Enjoy each year's stories in a beautiful keepsake book.

Get inspiring Story Starter prompts like...

"What's the most hilarious thing your little toddler ever said?"

"What's your favorite quote from your grandfather?"

"What's your best advice on parenting?"

"Describe your greatest challenge & how you overcame it."

"What's one thing you wish you knew before starting high school?"

"What's your favorite story about your mother?"

Describe the first time you met your future father-in-law."

Plus many more, carefully crafted to bring out timeless family memories, lessons & values

Read more Story Starter prompts

Tell me about one of your greatest _____
What is your best advice on ____?
Describe one of your most memorable _____
What do you think are the secrets to a ____ ?
What is your favorite story about your _____
What's one thing you wish you'd known before ______ ?
What’s your best advice for your ____ year old self?
What's a small decision you made that had a big
impact on your life?
Tell me about a fun ____
What is an embarrassing thing you ______ ?
Tell me about a great moment you had ____
How did you feel when ___?
What early memories do you have of your sibling(s)?
Describe one of your most memorable birthdays.
What did you look forward to the most as a child?
Was there anything unusual about your birth?
What's something you really disagreed with your parents about?
Tell me about a song that brings back an interesting memory from your youth.
Do you have any funny or embarrassing Thanksgiving memories?
Do you have any particularly vivid memories of your grandparents?
Did you ever take any great road trips?
What advice do you wish you had taken from your parents?
What did you wear when younger that mortifies you now?
What did you learn from your parents?
Who are the funniest people in your family?
What were your grandparents like?
How did you celebrate your 21st birthday?
Tell me about one of your greatest _____ - successes, fears
Who was one of your favorite high school teachers? What made them great?
What is the longest project you have ever worked on?
What are some of your favorite sounds?
How did you meet your spouse? When did you know you wanted to marry them?
What was one of the hardest things about growing up? How did you get through it?
What was your first date like with your spouse?
How did you decide when to have children?
Did you have enough money growing up? How did that affect you?
Which people have had the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did you learn?
What are some choices you made about how to raise your kids?

And hundreds more...

Share family heritage online & on the page

Not just a once-and-done book, it's a living archive of family wisdom where every generation will discover timeless stories & lessons to guide them through each stage of life.

A Living Archive Of Family Wisdom

Enjoy a library of your family's favorite memories that grows for as long as you're a member.

Stay Connected To Family

Sharing stories together helps you stay connected to your loved ones over any distance.

Read Online & On The Page

Enjoy your story collection online anytime & in a printed book after every year of membership.

Easily Record Favorite Family Moments

Banish the blank page forever with our emailed Story Starter prompts - you'll have a book worth of stories in no time!

Family stories, safely saved in the cloud

Your stories live where the next generation is paying attention – on the screen. Your private family website & online story archive grows every month & you can download your stories anytime.

Story Emails → Website Posts

Story emails & attached photos are automatically published as a post in your online archive website. Your family's site administrator can edit, approve & delete posts & comments.

Read, Comment & Search

Family members can create their own website account to read, like & comment on stories. Search the archive to instantly find specific names, dates, events & more.

Password Protected

Your family website is private - you can't subscribe or see anything unless you know the password. Stories can't be viewed by the public and won't be seen on Google.

Easily Share Stories

Want to share a story or comment with family members? It's as simple as sharing the website link via text, email, social & more. They click it, enter the password and read.

Share & save the moments that matter most

wall of love

What they're saying

We're proud to help families just like yours share their priceless stories for generations to come.


"I gifted this to my family last Christmas and it has been a wonderful adventure. I am learning so much about us as we record our stories, all in our own words. Priceless."

Nancy W.

Springfield PA


"It is more than just a book, more than a collection of stories. It's the gift of time you spend with family uncovering those stories. There has never been a gift that has held more meaning or value to me."

Adrienne S.

Rochester NY


"My family started this about a year before my 90th birthday. The questions often make me think of something from my childhood and early life that I've forgotten. This is one of the best gifts I've ever received."

Patricia T.

Sacramento CA

It means everything to me to be able to share precious family memories with every generation! We've never had anything like this before and I absolutely love how easy it is. I feel like I'm giving my kids and grandkids a head start on success by preserving generations of family values & wisdom – and we're all having fun doing it together.

Jennifer A.

Seattle WA

Unlimited family memories. Priceless.

Invest in your next generation

Sharing your stories together is the best way to preserve the heritage, values & lessons that make your family what it is. Start investing in your next generation today!


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Compare Plans

Add new members anytime – your plan will automatically upgrade when needed. Easily share the cost between members. After 12 months, membership renews monthly. 


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Unlimited accounts
1 family story archive website
2/month story starter emails
Unlimited stories & photos
Exclusive partner offers
Includes 1 Ebook
Discounts on additional books
Standard soft cover book available
Premium hard cover book available

Frequently asked questions

We believe everyone has a story worth telling and our mission is to make it easy and fun for families to share what matters most. Read on for more details and get in touch with any questions.

Ask about our options for business, corporate, enterprise, not-for-profits, sponsors & more

FAQ: Membership

What is included in a subscription?

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What if I need to cancel my annual membership?

No problem! We realize nothing lasts forever. You can cancel your annual membership at any time. You'll stop getting the emails, you'll lose access to your website and you won't be charged again.

If you want to stop writing stories but want to keep your stories online for members to read check out our Archive plan.

Please note that due to how the system works we can't offer refunds for cancelling early.

FAQ: Emails

How do I submit my story?

Just hit “Reply” to the question email, and compose your story in the new email. When you’re done, just send the email, and your story will be posted to your account. Any photos you include will be included in your story.

Note: Please do not send your story as a PDF file, as our system is unable to read those attachments.

FAQ: Website

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FAQ: Book

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Storytelling is better together

Join FamilyWorth anytime and write your first story within 24 hours!

Need a gift for family? FamilyWorth membership makes a priceless present that keeps on giving. Buy now & they can redeem anytime.

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