Your success stories attract clients & referrals

Showcasing the transformations you've achieved for past clients is the best way to attract new clients & referral partners.

One of our clients actually called it "ultimate reviews on steroids!"

Our Story System process harnesses your success stories to boost your business & transform happy clients into your 24/7 sales team on autopilot.

"New patients & referral partners trust me before we even meet & my reviews doubled!"

– Dr. Paul Gray, MD FACS

Specialist Surgeon

Ft. Worth TX

How It Works

Your success stories build reputation & trust. We collect, craft & share a steady stream of your best stories on your own Story Site website.


We interview your best clients

We record a guided interview with your best clients to discover the 3 stages of transformation: life before, during your process & how they are better off after


We craft their transformation stories

Then we craft their words into a compelling story that shows what you know & builds trust with prospects who see that you've helped others just like them.


We publish them on your Story Site website

Your stories live on your own Story Site website. Already got a website you love? Easily feature your stories at 

Your testimonial videos are killing your business - try this instead

If you're like most of our clients, you've got a couple testimonial videos on your website and you're thinking "done - that's as good as it gets." Wrong!

Clients just like you tell us that our stories convert many more lookers into buyers because people have short attention spans.

Think about yourself - when you're hurriedly scanning
a website for quick info, do you want to stop and watch multiple videos or do you just skip 'em and keep scanning? Exactly.

Your videos aren't getting seen by website visitors & they're actually killing your business (even though you may love them).

Our stories build trust in seconds - almost instantly, a reader scans the headlines and sees exactly how you helped others just like them. Scrolling through countless pages of stories exponentially solidifies their belief that you're the right one to help them too.

Your stories build trust & authority in seconds
Your stories grab instant attention – promote them on your site, social media, email, print, billboards, everywhere!
Each story turns readers into believers
Scroll & click around the site
Scroll & click around the site

Replace one-liner reviews with "ultimate reviews on steroids"

Do your online reviews look the same as the pizza place down the street? You know, those one-liners like "Great pizza" or "Love the pepperoni."

You're in the life-transforming business – isn't it time you level up your "reviews" into transformation stories that set you apart from any competition?

With Legend Project, you get a beautiful Story Site website with 10 amazing success stories. For continued results, we add new stories every month so Google shows your site to more people searching for what you do.

Your stories demonstrate your expertise & build trust
Start with a Story Site & 10 stories, add more anytime
Sharing new stories every month increases your rank on Google

Your book is the ultimate business card

Get the ultimate business card – your own book – in hours (not years). We turn your experience & success stories into an impressive book that takes only a few hours of your time.

Impress clients & partners with your own book that sets you apart from any competition.

Books build brands & create instant authority. Get yours done and give yourself the edge.

We turn your experience & success stories into your book
Create instant authority
Set yourself apart & give yourself the edge

Legend Project + Story System

Legend Project is our done-for-you interview based story authoring service for personal brand businesses to share their success stories to attract new clients & referral partners—but don’t have the time, desire or expertise to do it themselves.

Story System is our ongoing story-first marketing service that shares your stories so you keep getting results month after month.

Business Branding Package

We clarify core message, mission & vision & define what you want to be known for. Includes logos, style guides, graphics & more.

Story Session Interviews

We record a guided conversation with your best clients to discover the transformation you achieved for them. We'll also help you turn your expertise into your own trust-building stories.

Business Story Site Website

We share your stories online & spotlight your services, bio, achievements, awards, photos & more. Search engine optimized so you look great on Google.

Professional Business Card Book

Turn your expertise & successes into a personal business card book carefully crafted to impress. Give to prospects, clients, partners & more. Order more copies anytime.

wall of love

We're all better together


“The success stories they got from my past patients solve my biggest challenge – creating trust with my next patients."

Dr. Paul Gray, MD FACS

Specialist Surgeon, Ft. Worth TX


“I'm speechless! My expectations were high but I never imagined my own stories could look this amazing.”

Joseph Barker

Developer, Nashville TN


“I've been wanting to write my book for years. But that's where it always ended. Until now!"

Judy Liff

Chairwoman & Philanthropist, Nashville TN

"Every other marketing attempt left me dissatisfied but working with Legend Media feels refreshingly different. They listen and pursue what’s best for my particular practice. Their emphasis on building relationship through story solves the biggest challenge for doctors – creating trust with patients. I love that I have a sustainable, ongoing plan that I trust. My patients love reading their stories, I doubled my online reviews in 24 hours and people can actually find my website when they search for it!"

Dr. Paul Gray, MD FACS

Specialist Surgeon, Ft. Worth TX

Scroll & click around the site


Success Stories Build Trust With Patients & Partners

Specialist surgeon Dr. Gray wanted to build relationships with referring doctors who could send him a steady stream of his ideal patients.

We helped him identify his ideal patient type, most profitable service & build his reputation as "Fort Worth's hernia specialist" among his medical peers to boost referrals so he can work less, make more and have more time off.

During our Story Session interviews we collected his personal and patient success stories. Those stories showcase his expertise & warm bedside manner.

His reviews doubled & he really likes that his new patients & referral partners feel like they already know him

Patient success stories put new referral partners at ease
Patients trust him before they even meet him
Reviews doubled within 24 hours

You're only one story away

Calculate your ROI

How much does a new client pay you? How few new clients will it take until your investment starts paying you back forever?

If you're doing the same type of marketing as your competition, you're not standing out or getting noticed. Take some of your digital ad/radio/tv/billboard budget and start investing in your own successes.

Legend Project

10 Stories We Craft + Website


Then $179/mo service plan

Payment options available

Story Session Interviews
Story Site Website
Up To 10 Stories We Craft
Graphic Design Package
Website Maintenance, Security & More
Add More Stories Anytime
Add Business Card Book Anytime
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Does not include ongoing marketing services

Story System

Ongoing story-first marketing


Up to 2 stories per month

Payment options available

Legend Project plus:
Up to 2 stories per month
Ongoing Story-First Marketing

Need more stories? No problem! Ask for a custom quote.

Where can I see some examples?

Explore the following Story Sites and read the stories we've crafted.

Remember that everything about your project is custom designed to your preferences and you get final approval. After all, it's your story!

How long does the Legend Project process take?

If you work at our speed, we are comfortable promising a completely finished and published Story Site within 4 weeks. But you can go slower, if you need to. Books take an additional 2-4 weeks.

Who designs the site & book? Do I get to give feedback on that?

Of course! Your site and book will be designed by world class designers, but you have full creative control to make any changes and can be as involved as you want to be.

You are getting the very best in design, because having great graphics is a key to establishing yourself as credible and professional.

Before we start the design process, you’ll have a long conversation with the Creative Director to understand your vision for the graphics (if you have any). We organize this information into a design brief and use it to create a series of initial designs, which you will review and give feedback on. Just like all parts of our process, you will have full, 100% approval.


Let's share your story together

We start with a "getting to know you" phone call to go over details and make sure we're a good fit for each other. Find a time that works for you.

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Want to write your own stories yourself? Banish the blank page forever & do it the easy way with Story Starters! Get our free weekly email featuring curated questions that prompt the best stories about your life or business. Get started free →

Other Legend Media Services

Story Starters

Want to write your own stories yourself? Banish the blank page forever & do it the easy way with Story Starters! Get our free weekly email featuring curated questions that prompt the best stories about your life, family or business. 

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Family members write their stories one month at a time with our inspiring prompts, then share them via email, on a private family website & printed in a beautiful hardcover book.

From $9/mo

Annual Membership

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Legend Project

The easiest way to tell your stories & impress online & on the page. Write your book in hours not years. Includes Story Site website + 10 crafted stories & more.

From $12,000

Then $179/month

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Story System

After Legend Project, keep getting results with ongoing story-first marketing that uses your success stories to attract more clients, referrals & opportunities on autopilot.

From $1,400/mo

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