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I always knew I should be doing more to sell my courses. Now sales keep going up without me doing the work! AWESOME

James S.

Business Consultant

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How we help


Sell more stuff

Stop guessing and start selling what your audience wants most from you. How? Ask 'em (with a poll). Then presell it (like kickstarter) and empower the founding members to help design something awesome.

Then expand your product portfolio with the right product for every price point – low, mid, high – in both B2C (regular people) and B2B (business) markets.

Don't miss out on B2B! It's 10x profits with 10x less work when they can just put it on the company card.

Product Creation & Launch Strategy

Digital Product Sales Funnels & Pages

Words That Sell (Direct Response Copywriting)

Sell to more buyers

Your network is your net worth. Who's out there promoting your products while you're taking a day (or a month) off? We call 'em your Power Partners. Stop missing out on your biggest sales secret weapon.

Start selling more to your best buyers - the ones who've already bought - with a VIP strategy to reward them for buying & sharing with their friends.

Affiliate Sales & Marketing

Ambassador & Referral Programs

Loyalty & VIP Programs


Sell more often

Sales pros know the fortune is in the follow up. Plus your fans want to hear more from you! So stop winging it and create an automated marketing system that engages your fans on autpilot.

Then keep testing it to unlock max profits – 2% more buyers x millions of eyeballs adds up!

AI-Powered Marketing Systems

Regular Emails (They'll Want To Read)

A/B Testing to Optimize Results

Everything to monetize your message

who we help

Thought Leaders

Sell your expertise & experience


Give your tribe more of what they really want – YOU!


Give exclusive access to paying superfans & supporters


YouTubers & Podcasters

Turn subscribers into buyers


Turn your $20 book into a $200 B2C or $2,000 B2B online course


Scale your superpowers & stop trading time for money

Start owning your audience

“I'm loving this! Their insights get better results (and faster) than I've ever gotten before. My business is finally unstuck and growing again.”

Tony B.

Author, Finance Influencer & Expert Empire client


Some stuff we're working on


Medal of Honor Academy

BE THE HERO // Everything to win from within taught by America's greatest legends. Discover the art & science of elite performance from top experts. Unlock the vault of virtual & live learning experiences to create the next greatest generation. Join now →


Spartan Edge

Overcome everything with mental fitness coaching from the best in the world. Discover the art & science of elite performance from top experts. Unlock the vault of virtual & live learning experiences for everything to become unbreakable with Spartan Edge – the leader in mental fitness & performance coaching. Join now →


Fieldcraft Academy

Join the "Netflix of badassery" & unlock the vault of virtual & live learning experiences. Qualify for advanced training & earn specialist badges. Level up your future, family & career. Join us →

Millionaire Choice Academy

Money Mindset is a 7 day micro masterclass to redefine money and wealth and start your path to financial independence. Learn more →

Skill Factory

SKILL UP WITH SKILL FACTORY ★ Skill up & snag your next dream job. Get the skills, connections & expert advice you need to succeed. Want premium job placement? We do that too.


Real World Writing

MILLION DOLLAR WRITING FOR THE REAL WORLD // Landing page for an online course with copywriting expert & business influencer Shaan Puri 



HARDCORE DAILY DISCIPLINE + MORE // Concept: Daily email newsletter + community + online courses + products for motivational influencer Jocko Willink


The Cadre ⚔️

HEROES CREATING HEROES // Email newsletter profiling heroes throughout history + community + influencer online courses + sponsors


Fearvana Challenge

Transform fear into fuel with the Fearvana Epic Fear Challenge. Join now →

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So I created Legend Media to help experts & influencers scale their superpowers and monetize their message.

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